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Best way to empty the tank? [13 Apr 2010|07:33am]

I bought a used Ford Focus 2000 a few years back. Great car. Except for a leaky oil pump everything was fine.

After having it in the garage for a year as a "backup" and no problems with my HHR (and getting laid off) I thought I get it cleaned up and sell it. Even got an offer from my grandpa.

The thing is it won't start. It will turn over initially but then not start. The starter motor turns it, but I think it floods the thing. I suspect water as I haven't started it.

So, drain the tank. I tried to siphon but I cannot. Now, I found the fuel filter is located by the rear tire and the pump is built into the tank. Can I pull the filter and run a line to empty the tank?

More importantly, what is the best way to "short" the fuel pump?
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02 Focus that dies in park [18 Aug 2009|08:02pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I  have a 2002 Ford Focus and yesterday it started dieing while stopped, it first did it in a drive thru and then cont to do it the rest of the day. When I got home we found a hole in one of the vacuum hoses and replaced it. It ran fine for the rest of the night and this morning. Then while driving it this afternoon it started to die only when I was in park. It runs fine any other time and if I put it in drive it doesnt die. Once it dies, it starts right back up with no problems or hesitation. I am lost on what the problem is. Any suggestions??

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Accident [11 Jun 2009|09:20am]


I have an 03 Focus and I was rear ended last night. My Focus held up better than the Jetta that hit me and only have scratches on the bumper (the Jetta is totaled).

The Jetta hit me so hard that my car shifted from D down to 1 (it's an automatic) and shut off. I started it up again to make sure it would start and it did but the check engine light was on and it was running very rough. When I went to start it again to move it for the tow truck that came for the Jetta it wouldn't start at all so I had to have it towed.

The tow truck driver mentioned something about the computer needing to be re-programmed. Has anyone had a similar experience?
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[18 Apr 2009|10:30pm]

I recently bought an '09 SE Coupe that I'm thrilled to death over. It's my second Focus (I had to trade in my '03 gunmetal grey ZTS that was more than likely just a total lemon), and it's the fifth in my immediate family. We recently took family Focus photos that I thought I'd share as an intro:

Pic!Collapse )

I wondered too, what's your favorite thing to pimp your Focus with? I'm absolutely in love with the Focus line, but the '09's didn't have a lot of options- only 4 colors and 3 packages. I'm looking for things to sort of make it my own. I'd love to see pictures of yours, though I have been lurking!
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Car Trouble on a 2001 Ford Focus ZX5 [23 Mar 2009|07:08pm]

I hope this is the right place to post this. My friend was hit right above the door on the passenger side. Ever since then the car shudders. Its like you lightly tap the break but then hit the gas. We notice while we are driving, but it happens at all times. When the car is just started and a while after driving. I won't do it constantly, but randomly. Any ideas on what it could be? Thanks for your help.
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100,000 miles on the Focus... [14 Oct 2008|08:54pm]

...and just fyi, I just had to replace my battery (my car is a 2001, and I think it's the first battery replacement), and am getting a new timing belt put on. I think all of my low profile tires have been replaced once, if not twice, during the time that I've had the car.

Any other old Focuses out there? How are they holding up?
(we won't talk about things like fuel pumps... ;)
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[26 Jun 2008|09:55pm]

My 01 Ford Focus just hit 100K a few days ago, woot!

Also a few days ago: my fuel pump broke for the second time and was covered under the Ford recall, again. (last fuel pump fix was in 2002 or 2003).
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[24 Jun 2008|10:24pm]

I just bought a 2004 Ford Focus about one month ago. It has over 90,000 miles on it already, from the previous owners, but it's my first car & seemed like a good deal, so I didn't think much of it.
About a day after getting it, the engine light turned on. I went back to the dealer, and they said it was a problem with the sensor, not the engine, so they changed it for me. Well, the light turned back on the next day, and I ignored it. I've noticed that my car will randomly shake when I'm idle. It usually happens when I'm at a red light for over 30 seconds. And sometimes when I put my car in park, it will stall out almost immediately (although I never had an issue starting it again). I took it to a local car shop & told them the issue, they hooked it up to a computer diagnostic, and nothing came up. They reset the sensor to turn off the engine light, and AGAIN it came back on the next day. I changed the air filter, but it didn't make much of a difference in the shaking.
It drives pretty smooth. Just an issue with the idle.
Any suggestions?

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Overheating at idle [01 Apr 2008|01:53am]


I have a 2003 ford focus with 85,000 miles it. I've had it for two years and it's been serviced regularly.

On Easter Sunday I went to pick up my friend. While I was waiting for her outside I noticed that my thermostat was raising and it rose to about 3/4 before I shut off the A/C and turned on the heat. Once I started driving again the temperature went back down to normal.

I took the car to my friend, who is a mechanic, a week later and he was unable to find anything wrong with it. He thought it was possibly the thermostat but couldn't replicate the problem. He said that everything looks good, nothing is leaking, the fans are working, and to keep an eye on it.

I haven't noticed any problems with it all week until today. I went to pick my roommate up from the airport and I noticed that when I stopped at a red light the temperature rose slightly. When I pulled up to the house I let it idle for a minute and sure enough the temperature rose all the way to 3/4. Then I decided to drive it around the block, and the temperature went back down to 1/2. As soon as a let it idle again it started rising.

It doesn't do this all the time. It probably won't do it tomorrow, but I'd like to get this fixed ASAP! Is the thermostat going out? Or?

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[14 Feb 2008|01:14pm]

Just wanted to say hello! I am new here.
I had a 2005 Focus hatchback ZX3 (if I remember right), the bright orange color. I owned it for about a year, it was a great little car, got me back and forth from MT to Denver many many times one winter when a family member was in the childrens hosp. down there. I decided to trade it in for another type of Ford (SUV gas hoggggg) and then I went to a Toyota Prius. That car must have weighed 2 pounds and I did not like the way it handled although the gas mileage was great. It just wasn't worth it to me to feel like my car was going to take off flying when I was traveling down the highway and it had no power to it. I decided when I saw the new model Focus I wanted one! So, I have a 2008 Ford Focus Sedan. It's a great car! I'm in love! I only have 133 miles on it so far, I love the sync feature and the design. It's so cool.. I have a USB storage device loaded with MP3's and I just talk to the lady in my dashboard (LOL!) and she finds the song or artist I want! =) The car is very classy/sporty and it is SO NICE to have a car that goes when you step on the gas peddle. It feels sturdy and safe and so much better than a Toyota.

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[19 Jan 2008|03:43pm]

We own two ford focuses, a 2002 hatchback (90k) and a 2001 wagon (142k) I came on here in hopes that someone would be able to help me out with a couple of the problems I've been having with them...

I just turned on the hatchback today and the engine revs up & down. I didn't try driving it, in fear that I would worsen whatever the problem is. FYI - it's an automatic (in case that matters) Any ideas? We've had it in the mechanics recently and we keep up on all the required maintenance.

Our second car, the wagon, in great shape except for one thing, it vibrates REALLY loudly. It isn't consistent when it does it. Generally when it first turns on, then quiets down whenever your foot is pressing on the gas. It will vibrate again a lot of times at stoplights. Sometimes so badly that the steering wheel is shaking REALLY hard and my keys jingle. We've had the spark plugs replaced and it looked over. My mechanics only guess is that the padding is worn down in the engine. Any ideas?

Any help is appreciated. My wallet is hurting! :)
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Focus Problems [06 Nov 2007|12:53pm]

In case anyone here hasn't experienced this yet - the older models of Focuses tend to have transmission problems (if automatic), key-stuck-in-ignition problems, and I've seen a couple of window up-down-internal-operations whatchamacalits break and result in an inibility of the window to operate or stay in an upright position (duct tape, anyone?).

My exhause manafold has also broken several times at a little pipe piece which results in loss of power when driving but is completly operable dispite the breakage. When going to pick up that piece they indicated that those vehicles just tend to have that problem and happily charged me $80 for the pleasure of replacing it (that was for the part, not labor).

I've mainly seen these problems in the 2002 model.. and am not familiar with the later ones. I know in some of the later models they have all new transmissions on the automatics so hopefully that factory machine problem that resulted in mine needing to be rebuilt at 30k miles is taken care of. My car only has 63k on it and I'm having these problems. I love my car and will keep it for a long time but just wanted to post the problems I've had and seen in my friends cars... my husband is a mechanic so he's often the one fixing my friends cars. Anyone else had these problems?
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Battery [14 Aug 2007|12:45am]

[ mood | calm ]

I have a 2002 Ford Focus. 95,000 miles. I live in Illinois now but was visiting my hometown in Wisconsin this weekend.

Halfway to back to Illinois, my car's battery light came on for about 2 mins. Then off. Then on, then off. It did this without any change in how it was handling (perfectly fine until the very last mile or so home, then I felt it start to kinda lose juice when I would break), but I still didn't want to take any chances, so in fear that it would shut down at a red light, I kept myself moving and maybe came to a complete stop only twice in 50 miles.

Anyway, I replaced the alternator just last year and, again, the light in this situation was on/off/on/off, not constant. I doubt it's just the sensor because I did feel a difference in power when I got around my neighborhood. Any thoughts? Do you think it may actually just be that I need a new battery? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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[24 Apr 2007|12:27pm]

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Frozen Washer Fluid [05 Dec 2006|04:24pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Hi I'm new! I have a 2001 Focus (4door, i don't know much more about it, other than that, and its red!).  I need some help...It seems as though any remaining summer washer fluid I had left has frozen before I got a chance to put the -40 degrees stuff in there.  Now we are having very cold weather and of course slush that I need to clean off my windshield and nothing will come out!  Is there a way that I can warm up the lines to get the fluid to pass?
Also, my horn recently died! Any way this can be fixed, or does something need to be replaced?
Thanks in advance! :)

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water damage :( [30 Nov 2006|03:10pm]

Anybody know a good remedy for removing mildew from carpet and seat upholstery or should I just get new stuff? Junior got left out in the rain with a major firewall/windshield leak I didn't know about until after two inches of water accumulated inside.
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fuel economy [28 Nov 2006|04:09pm]

I am getting on average 19-21 mpg. Most of my driving is highway with an average speed of 75-80mph.
How can I improve my mileage?
I have an 06 zx4 ses automatic. Everything stock.

Help music appreciated.
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[28 Nov 2006|04:24am]
Its been awhile since i've been on here, but wanted to update.

I have a 2001 Focus SE (the wagon) and sadly I'm already at 90,000 miles :( Granted 25,000 were put on by the first owner in the time span of two years.

So anyway, my dad and I detailed the car, and luckily its looking pretty good, just have minor mechanical concerns.

I'm having a ton of vibration when starting up the car, and Ford has said they do not hear anything (twice now). So I'm slightly nervous this will lead to a larger problem later on that I will not be able to afford. Its one of those sounds that you definitely 100% bet your life on it that you know its there... but miraculously disappears when it comes time to show someone. Basically when I start up the car there is a ton of vibration noise that sounds like its coming from the back or middle... but honestly i dont know much about cars so i dont know what in the world could be causing it. It remains until i start driving forward for a minute, but reversing makes the noise louder when the car has just started up... even if i drove it 5 minutes ago. So any ideas anyone? If you need more information just ask, i'll do what I can to help explain in more detail if needed.

I just figured since everyone here (practically) owns a focus, they are pretty use to the noises our cars make and what is and is not normal. So if you can, please help :) Thanks
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[17 Sep 2006|07:06pm]

I've got a 2005 Ford Focus ZX3 SES. It has 19,953 miles on it.

I've always had horrible gas mileage--I drive mostly city, and average 21 MPG on a good tank. I go through about a tank a month (at most, I don't drive much at all).

I've been having a rougher idle than usual lately. I know Foci are kinda noisy, and I compensate by turning my stereo up (another failing thing that should be addressed, but my local Ford dealership's a bitch), but this is something that's hard enough I can notice it without hearing it.

Anyone else have this problem? I've read about these issues on cars with twice as many miles as mine, and I know it's not a new car anymore, but gees.

Last time I took it to Ford and mentioned both this and the gas mileage they blew me off.

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[29 Aug 2006|09:52pm]

I have a few questions someone will hopefully be able to help me with. First is if anyone has a 2003 focus zx3 transmission auto. Also is it worth fixing mine est $2k for new tranny or should I just try to sell it. I owe about $5500 and was wondering if I could try to trade it in towards a new car or if they wouldn't even except it because of the tranny. Any help is appreciated. Thanx
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